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As people move into the world of online marketing, whether that be to support your traditional network marketing or MLM business, or to simply look at alternative ways to make money online, many easily fall into the trap of losing themselves in too many initiatives.  This then leads to inconsistency, as you run the risk of spreading yourself too thinly and ultimately this will not generate the level of engagement and return on your investment in time (and money if you are using paid lead generation sources).

checklistIt is always best to have a daily checklist to work by – this will help you keep on track and ensure that you don’t miss key opportunities to engage with new prospects and customers.  As your online marketing journey evolves, this checklist may get deeper and it will certainly change.  As an entry point, my recommendation would be to focus on three key areas:

1. Each morning, check all of your channels and respond to messages

social-media-channelsAs you are now online, your business is running 24×7 and you may be receiving enquiries from parts of the world that are awake while you sleep.  This is exciting!  It does however need to be managed properly.  So first things first – check all of your online channels for messages and engagement, and respond where appropriate – by channels I mean Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. – wherever you are actively marketing online.

2. Write a blog post at least five times a week

Your blog may be video, it may be written, it may perfect-seo-blog-posteven be a combination of the two.  It is important to ensure that you continually add value to your community by regularly posting tips, tricks, insights, offers and value.  Keep it fresh, congruent and on-topic, but most of all, keep it coming.  There will be special days when you aren’t able to blog, for example it may be a birthday or you may have to focus all of your attention on a specific campaign – that’s no issue at all, just be sure to get back to it the next day.  Continuous content will ensure people stay engaged.

3. Email your list every day

As you continue to generate leads through your different activities and capture email addresses, it is important to ensure that you are sending valuable content out to your list.  As with your social media channels, keep pumping out value to your email list.  These are people that have opted in to receive information from you.  A key tip here is not to sell to them every time – the magical 80/20 rule comes into play here.  80% value, 20% (maximum) of offers.

Your online aim must be to provide value to the marketplace across all of the mediums that you are engaged in.  Start small, and master one or two of these, and then as they start to generate for you, cast your net a little wider and perhaps bring in another platform.

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