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Blogging!  blogThere are so many questions: where do you start, how often do you blog, and how do you get more traffic?  That last question is the focus of today’s piece. I will assume that those of you reading this are interested i attracting people from the network marketing profession.  So how do you drive these people towards your content?  Here are a series of simple tasks that you can follow:

1. Facebook. There are so many ways to drive traffic to your blog using Facebook, which has over a billion registered users!  Simple ways would be to look for some blog-friendly groups – some of the ones that I use are these:

  • The Largest Business Opportunity on Facebook
  • Network Marketing Friends
  • Work at Home Moms

A key tip here – do NOT link directly to capture or sales pages!  Users will click on these links and then quickly click away and this is probably the best way to alienate potential new followers.  Instead, post good quality content, add free value, and set your expectations to get a small amount of traction.

Do not rely on these tactics alone for a traffic explosion, it is important that your expectations are set correctly, but consistently over time your blog interactions will grow.

2. Twitter – of course sticking to the 140 character limit, include the headline to your blog, a bit.ly or other shortened link and also use hashtags social_media_iconssuch as #mlm, #networkmarketing, #workfromhome

3. LinkedIn – if you have a good following on LinkedIn, add a link to your blog in your latest updates.

4. Google plus – again, if you have an account, post a link to your blog on Google Plus.

5. Use Pinterest – post a picture of your blog to Pinterest, with a specific network marketing tagline eg. network marketing tips.blogging-passion-resized-600.jpg

6. Take a screenshot of your blog and post it on Instagram.  Again. use hashtags and write a description such as “Free training at <yourbloglinkhere>”

7. Use third party tools where relevant.  There are so many to cover that I will not do it justice here, but I will mention Social Adr.  They use a credit system in a similar means to crowd sourcing that allows you to get your social links shared on a number of different platforms – therefore increasing likes, follows etc. and driving content to your blog.  They have a free account that you can use to try out the service too!

8.  Interact.  If people like, comment, share etc. – please reciprocate.  Build relationships and see where they take you!  That is what this business is about, after all!

I hope you got value from this blog post, if you did, please check out my social links, and please like and share, or comment below.  More to come very soon!

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